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Reviews for "EON"

Hard but fun.

At first I was like "Ha easy." but then after that it's immediately hard.

Pretty Good...

i quite enjoyed this game and i felt that the music suited it well, the gameplay was a little bit too much about guessing where the gravity things should be placed, and then it was just trial and error after that.

Anyway i am glad i played it and i will play it again sometime...

Good but flawed

You have a simple addictive game here, well done.

You do, however, have some problems, not in the game play but in the learning curve and execution of some parts of the game.

I've noticed that you have three different types of gas giants and all react differently to gravity wells. Not a bad thing but you don't explain that in the rules and it's fustrating.

Next, your par scores are impossible for the most part unless you know EXACTLY to the pixle where to put the gravity wells. It also raises the fustration level.

I've managed to finish 20 odd level, so I understand the game, now, but when you start it's like playing football with only half the rule book and the other side keeps calling you on it.



A puzzle game with a twist

I give this game a 7/10 because it has a good concept. It doesn't have good graphics, but this game doesn't need great graphics to accomplish the goal.

I like the game, though it does tend to get monotonous after a while.