Reviews for "EON"

Very nice, addictive game

Did you use verlet integration for the particle physics?

fucrate responds:

I don't know what that is :P

Sounds like something smart people use, I probably should have...

found a bug

Pausing the game and double clicking one of the wells gives you unlimited number of wells. Other word the more you click the wells in pausing the more wells you get.

Good Fun

It's a great game, never to insanely difficult, I had a lot of fun with it, and I strangely love the pixelated graphics. One little comment, not a big thing, I got tired of watching the intro before the main title the 3rd time I sat down to play a few more levels, a skip button is always nice.


This made me think alot about what i was doing. I like how even the smallest of movement can change the corse of the gas stuff then when the black holes came it got even harder. Cant wait to see more games like this.

Nice game

Only some levels are boring.