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Reviews for "EON"


theres a newgrounds celebrity right under me!
what am i going to do?
...i liked the game. it was nice


I love it. That all I've got to say. It's nicely put together.


but seriously how come most of the best games are all....well pixelated?


Can't get past level 24... yet!

Love it. Really do - for future reference, the soundtrack is what makes it. Sure, it's a relatively original concept, well-executed, and consistent retro-style graphics don't hurt (though pixellation is becomming overused these days, it's not out of place here), but it really is the ambient music that makes me keep on playing where I'd normally have quit.

Just a quick question - does the strength of gravity wells differ from level to level?

Like everyone's saying, the par - for me, it's the waste that I can't match up to, and some of the times. There's also a level with a par of 0 gravity wells, which I'm sure must be a mistake. But that's neither here nor there for gameplay experience, so it hasn't affected the score.

There was just one little thing that stopped this from being a 10/10: I wanted a little bit more in the tutorial. It was good keeping it short and all, but it took me quite a while to work out what to do with the colour mixing stars. I thought they were storage at first. If you make a sequal, perhaps have storage in it... but that isn't for me to say.

tl;dr - Awesome. Music makes it work. Wanted to see something about mixing colours in the tutorial. Have a 9/10

wow its ok