Reviews for "EON"

awesome game

i love the game, especially the way you kept the graphics simple and the music soothing while developing some good puzzles and allowing users to create their own, the only thing that lost a star is i couldnt get level 26 or 27 to work, maybe thats my end or maybe others have it too i dont know

Par time

I don't like the average times for level par time. people need time to think on how to do this and that and the par time is a bit harsh.

Wow :D

Really beautiful game :D and also it's fun

Good and entertaining, but not Original.

It was a very fun game. Entertaining, and both audibly and visually pleasing.

This is, however, essentially a remake of a game called Auditorium (which I will not post a website to since it is against the rules)

good thing

great game so well