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Reviews for "EON"


Love everything about it - graphics, gameplay and sound. Such a good vibe, well done.

Simple, Elegant, Deep

I actually found myself thinking of this in symbolic terms and feeling a kind of spiritual understanding upon completion of each level. The idea is so basic, it is almost like playing with the very forces of nature. You must use harmony and balance to achieve your goals, learn where to share your energies and where to hoard them. I don't think it is entirely obvious, but there is an unspoken, perhaps unintentional message inside of this clever little game. It is also just kind of fun to play with.

fucrate responds:

i like this review. 10/10


Simple, yet amazing. That is how I like it. You bring pixel art into a whole new field of interest. Physics are implemented well, and the overall difficulty will keep you playing for a long time. The idea is original and the art style is simply adoring. Keep up the work because you have a good following as of now.

simple yet AWESOME!

great game its such a simple concept yet very addictive. keep up the good work:)



@webcoza : And because you suck at a game makes it bad? you sir, should try harder.