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Reviews for "EON"


goo dgame good job with the gravity

this game is NOT impossible

I got really far in this game, but i had to get off the pc so i couldn't finish it xD Lol. I love this game. All you have to have it patience, and good thinking skills. Amazing game :]

And I say W0W

Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable! UBER!
Great achievement!
The visuals can be great once you've finished each level. As a puzzle, it's great too! Although you can opt for several tries until you get the right combination, if you don't play randomly, it's amazing. Good job.

Brain cycling!

This is challenging, yet fun at the same time. When I reach a part I have difficulty in solving, I don't feel the frustration that usually comes with it.

I personally enjoy how unorthodox our methods can get when we try to align things up.

Again on the front page? Normally I give 0 stars when something old comes back on the front page, but I'll make an exception for EON. It one of the games that I mostly play during my past. I also enjoyed the music and I still do. So many memories listening this relaxing music that unchains the deepest feelings and senses of the spirit, making your mind clap in unison with the dance of the whole universe. It's in times like these that we realize how little we are if compared to the infinity of the life and the space, but on the same time we realize that we are part of this dance, so everyone of us contributes to keep the existence alive.
Nothing is insignificant, even the most little part of the universe.
Congratulations for this masterpiece and welcome back to the front page!