Reviews for "EON"

Nice game!

Great concept, excellent execution. The golf mechanics made it very fun while still maintaining the relaxing atmosphere.

@p763we, don't rate the game bad just because you throw a fit over a glitched medal. OF COURSE the graphics are "crappy", it's a SPRITE-based game. if you were expecting PIXAR level graphics you need to grow up and stop ruining the internet for everyone else. Damn it!

very addictive

I am having a grand ol' time

Fun and just right

Posed enough of a challenge to be worth the time and wasn't unnecessarily hard like some of the gravity games that literally require your placement to be within 1 or two pixels.

not a bad one

i don insult your game but it make me so much rest that i have go to sleep nice one

sexy game

i couldnt be lvl 9 at all.....