Reviews for "EON"

I love this

This really is one of my favourite games EVER. Its so beautiful and calming, and I really love how each level seems to get harder then others. I finished them all except level 22, its bugging me since i can't finish it D:<
I'd really love for more games like this. personally i think we need more of them :3

chocolate fun

fun as eating chocolate

Won't work

It won't work. It just sits on a blank screen with pulsing coloured pixels. No loading bar, no cursor, no buttons, nothing at all. 'Forward' and 'Play' menu commands won't work (play doesn't even have a check next to it).

I use Google Chrome, latest version, latest flash. I tried it in IE and Firefox as well, neither worked. Can someone message me if they figure out how to fix it?

like a work of art..

really it is..

5/5 10/10

This game is one of the most fun on newgrounds, and it's also very universal. I was playing this over and over again for hours with my tablet pc, and it just doesn't get old!