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Reviews for "EON"


Its a good game... its just that it got boring overtime... Replay value is not good. It felt like repeating a same process all over and over again(its probably different for other people. Who knows, it might be fun to them). I stopped at lvl 25. I know it was almost done, but by the time i reached that lvl, i don't know if i still wanted to continue anymore. I liked how the game made me think at certain lvls, i also liked how you played with colors. What i didnt like though was the background, work on it because it seemed too plain for me ( i dont know for the others). I'd be glad if there were some moving objects in the background (stars maybe?). Overall, this game was very original, it has a lot of potential, the programming was probably difficult, and although the art looked plain, it fitted the theme perfectly, the sound was great too, i wouldnt mind seeing a sequel to this game. (oh and before i forget, supply a walkthrough or solution for those who find some levels hard)

Very nice, addictive game

Did you use verlet integration for the particle physics?

fucrate responds:

I don't know what that is :P

Sounds like something smart people use, I probably should have...

well made and fun

While it started off being a little difficult to get the hang of, after a while it just became relaxing (as you said in the description). I think it was a smart move to make dying impossible, since the game seems more accessible this way. Love the 8-bit look and new age music

just wow...

The begining got me. It's awesome!
Even thought there was a black box at start...
it was the Newgrounds' logo
I like the music