Reviews for "EON"

Level 12

I'm on level twelve, there was one level where it took me two minutes, but other than that, the others were easy. Well, for anybody who goes to level 12, watch out for the three blackholes! I'm a bit stumped.

A Good Puzzle

This game is a puzzle. Not everything is supposed to be easy. And I will admit I do think that the second level WAS too hard for just being the second level, none of it's impossible. If you don't want to think when playing a game, go play some stupid incredibley violent video game, where you don't have to use your brain.

Guy below

I feel the exactly the same way.

Oh, man up, Newgrounds.

"I can't be bothered to spend five minutes of my precious gaming time to chill out and have fun watching particle effects! It's SUCH a heinous crime to ask players to learn to think with gravity wells! BOOOOOO-HOOOOOO"

sheesh, the music is relaxing and the visual is pretty and fun to watch. The folks complaining about not getting how gravity wells work spoonfed to them are going to have boring lives, always charging ahead to the goal ASAP and no patience to learn for their fun. Hobbies? No sir, I can't be bothered to learn something new for my enjoyment.

love it

that's what i call an inspiring one, nice concept, and great visual!