Reviews for "EON"


i have never played a game like this its fun

Good and entertaining, but not Original.

It was a very fun game. Entertaining, and both audibly and visually pleasing.

This is, however, essentially a remake of a game called Auditorium (which I will not post a website to since it is against the rules)


Visually, this is a pretty cool game visually. The sort of patterns that can be created with the right placement of gravity wells can be very attractive and enjoyable to look at. That was my major interest in the game.

Personally though I've never been huge on games about getting object x from point a to point b. It can be fun if the challenge is there, but for this game it's just a matter of tweaking objects till the right combination is reached, which for me personally isn't quite immersive enough for my preferences. I'd almost think it'd be better if you eliminate the puzzle aspect of the game, and make this into a sort of "make your own visualizer" program, as this would go well with just about any type of music. Although I suppose there are several other people who do enjoy the puzzle aspect of this game.

Overall great concept, great visuals, and good choice of music. It's not enough to keep me interested, but still quite good.


the colors are crazy, and so is the music, nice job

Great puzzle game

Really great game with a wide range of difficulty. Awesome new concept and the level editor was very straightforward. I had a great time playing, but was a little disappointed when I discovered that the reward for beating the game was taking you back to level 1 to start the whole game over. Not much replay value, but I'm glad I played it.