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Reviews for "EON"

soothing and challenging

I really enjoy this game. The music is cool. I am wondering how to do level 8 with no gravity wells though. Anyone know?

Exelent Game

the game is nice, but i can´t get the medals, only the pilgrim...
I rate 70 games of users and i cant get this, i can´t get the explorer... T_T

A puzzle game with a twist

I give this game a 7/10 because it has a good concept. It doesn't have good graphics, but this game doesn't need great graphics to accomplish the goal.

I like the game, though it does tend to get monotonous after a while.

Auditorium, Anyone?

Despite its similarities with Auditorium, I quite like it. The pixel effects are very well done.

And I say W0W

Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable! UBER!
Great achievement!
The visuals can be great once you've finished each level. As a puzzle, it's great too! Although you can opt for several tries until you get the right combination, if you don't play randomly, it's amazing. Good job.