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Reviews for "EON"

Amazing game

Wow I have to say this one was pretty amazing of a "GAME" you really had some nice "PIXEL" in this aswell, and then there was the "MUSIC" really nice choice here, you have some amazing ideas for games and it shows off well in this one and I have to say the medals are pretty nifty aswell, overall a fun game I enjoyed it very much.

No chnges on this fun game here there was no need for any changes I found this game to be very solid.


I mean, I enjoy puzzle games. "Guess the one pixel you need to put this gravity well in with zero room for error" games? Not so much. Good music, though

100% medal requires a one-sitting full perfect playthrough (apparently, no restarting either) to be achieved.

You have been warned.


For eons,
I existed, for eons I did.

I saw stars,
shine and fade, stars shine and fade.

For eons,
I existed, for eons I did.

I saw love,
but none true, love, but none true.

For eons,
I existed, for eons I did.

I thought, I fought, and I waited,
for eons I did.

I am the stars,
I am the love, I am the world itself.

I am the stars, I am love, I am the eons.