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Reviews for ""Aeris Dies""

love and hate

i love it because funny flash i hate because that site is so old ive been on there since ive been 11 and now im 14 so:P but its still good




im pretty sure your the reasons that site has 10000 more frequient viewers now. nice work



trust me it does. even to REAL LIFE PEOPLE!

I'm of course responding to Bloodraven432, when he said "it could happen" and that "seeing a pornographic of yourself could have such consequences." there's even a Demotivational Poster of David Hasselhoff seeing one of himself, and his expression was hilarious. not gonna spam that, since its an outer site, and Newgrounds rules state no spamming outer sites or advertising them in comments or anything of the sorts, but my point is, hilariously enough, it happens to people in real life A LOT, and its pretty funny to see it. funny animation! simple animation, yet great game reference with the life bar from the game! plus...the depiction of Aeris both in the pornographic and her character in the flash was...good, to say the least OwO haha, yep, good job!