Reviews for "Mogo-Mogo"

soooo cute

those little mogos are hilarious i liked the short story behind it all, bogo has got it made now huh B)
the first were pretty easy for awhile but that last few really got fun namely the jumping one where i spent a good 10 minutes begging the second balloon to "stay the f up!" :p. and each level looked so beautiful too very good game, this n little wheel r faved n 5'd.

Really fun.

I loved the little robots game and when i see that you made another one I instantly thought success and you didnt fail. I loved every moment. The story was great, the graphics were great, the charcters were great, and of course the puzzles. Great game.

I really do enjoy these games keep em up. Too bad I played the whole thing i wish there were more levels but it keeps you wanting more so good job on your part.


Really cute...

...If I might say so. The challenges were pretty cool, but the surroundings is what really made me play the game to the end.

Just great, keep it up!


this game is GOOOOOOOOD and it has a good ending

Great game!!!!!