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Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"

Woah man!

The animation was fluid throughout. The fighting scenes, the protest scene, all that were excellent. Even though the quality was not the best, it wasn't bad enough to ruin the animation. The song was very nice and seemed to compliment the animation, regardless of what was happening.

Overall, it was great!

pretty cool

the animation was good for most parts. sometimes a little jumpy though. Also, I think it could use a little more detail on some parts of it, but it was probably the different projects that made the difference.


The animation was awesome! but there are some holes in your storyline, and what really makes and action packed flash with cool animation worth while is the story. Add some backround to some characters and this will be BEAST!

JazLyte responds:

It's a demo reel man. Hence me saying "This is my 2010 demo reel" in the author comments, and the words "Kalen Whitfield Demo Reel" on the preloader page. This is for potential clients to see what I'm capable of. So yea, tis storyless. The clips however are from animated stories of mine.


it was really good but the animation was pretty shoddyand there was no plot.

JazLyte responds:

Demo reels don't need plots...

Yea cool. :3

I like the animation... and I love the dark chick. :3 The idea seems kinda cool, and I really would not mind learning more about this little universe of yours. My one qualm though is the katana... seriously, black guys, white guys, latino guys, and for fucks sake no french guys should EVER use a katana.... unless you're Tarantino. This is the other side of the blade to the fact that no asian should EVER be a vampire.... ever. Other than that I liked it a whole lot... but seriously.. katanas are every where.. why not be unique and use a GIANT BATTLE AXE?