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Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"


Ya know I've been on Newgrounds for about maybe 7 or 8 years now... and i gotta say it's getting harder and harder to find action flashes like this every once and a while, and i fu*king love fighting/action flashes with great music like this one.

when i watch things like this it reminds me of stuff like street fighter or old kickass animes like ninja scroll for some reason :3. Some of this flash has stuff from your old work which is why the Frame rate is a little awkward but who gives a shit it's watchable isn't it?

The art style you have is really good, and i guess your shit just keeps getting better and better every flash you make. and i don't know what the fuck everyone keeps says about the music you chose.

Anyone who says the music gets repetitive is a fucking moron, the vocals and the beats are what gives this demo the true Afro/Jazz feel to it (With a little bit of drum and bass thrown in for good measure ; ] ) I ADORE your work man. keep making more flash for those of us who still understand the action around here at NG. Peace.

JazLyte responds:

I just made a news post about how action flashes are missing from NG, this is indeed the hayday of stick comedy, I'm glad to hear somebody feels the same way I do about it. And yes, old ass muscle anime like Street Fighter 2V and Ninja Scroll probably turned me into an animator in the first place, I got exposed to alot of it as a kid =). Thanks alot for the kind words

Too much Koolaid is never a bad thing...I think

This was great man! , alot of really sick fight scenes, and even some short previews of your upcoming work, gotta love it. Your animations improved too so that's a definite plus, but you knew I'd give you full marks anyway lol
keep up the good work man, I have to keep reminding myself to "up" my productivity so that I can get out animations at an equal or close to equal pace as you do.

JazLyte responds:

Hahaha you caught those Ultimatum clips, eh? And YES n***a MAKE MORE lol. Even if its just something short and stupid, keep a presence in the portal, it just generally makes working on your larger projects more enjoyable for some reason. My new Necro toon has been coming together fast as hell since I started doing it. Thanks for teh good review =)

Not a bad demo reel

I suspect you made this to try to get clients and get into art school right? RIGHT??? That or you're very VERY bored. Either way I like the music you put with it. It gives it a very Adult Swim / Cowboy BeBop feel to it, and for some reason that really fits your style. Keep it up.

The animation itself (not the video translation) in some areas was a bit choppy or too...repetitive. You criticize DBZ a lot for having very repetitive fight scene animations and in some areas you've done exactly what they do. Animate a few frames and press repeat. It's not bad for background shots, but when you just pan the camera so we can see it 20 times it become very noticeable.

Just some food for thought.

JazLyte responds:

Yezzziiirrr, this is indeed for potential clients.

Some of...

The sickist shit I've seen on newgrounds; you've got some talent, and this was just a demo reel? I wan't more!

Dude bring back Devil Slayer!