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Reviews for "Da Jazz Method"

That was a dirty reel!

You used some of your previous scenes that i've noticed from your older works but i fully appreciate your style and genre because it matches my life alot. Nice background shots, obviously you know what your doing with your camera work and you have a very good vision on how to plan out your fight scenes. I believe your movie in 2010 is gunna drop so heavy you win more than just front page, I can feel it. Can't give ya a 10 because its just a demo reel but great job nonetheless 8/10 4/5.

See short review.

Another great video, but when will you make one about the Necropolis series with a clear plot?

Yea cool. :3

I like the animation... and I love the dark chick. :3 The idea seems kinda cool, and I really would not mind learning more about this little universe of yours. My one qualm though is the katana... seriously, black guys, white guys, latino guys, and for fucks sake no french guys should EVER use a katana.... unless you're Tarantino. This is the other side of the blade to the fact that no asian should EVER be a vampire.... ever. Other than that I liked it a whole lot... but seriously.. katanas are every where.. why not be unique and use a GIANT BATTLE AXE?

Not bad, could be better with some work.

Awesome action sequences. I enjoyed the first two, but the last one seemed as though it was missing a bunch of parts and pieces. For example they would be hitting each other one second, then out of no where it would skip to a completely different fight sequence, and that was the way the whole last fighting sequence went. But overall the animation was good, and the entertainment value was high.

Although I'm sure you've gotten much better at animation since this was created in 2010. Keep on it and your animations will only get better.

awesome animation

the animation was sick, but the frame rate was a bit low, or at least it wasn't as smooth as it could've been. lack of plot was also lame but i get that it's a showreel