Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 7"


I was just discussing group incest from the bible just earlier today. Thank God that God destroyed those heathens in Sadom and gammorah to uphold the wholesome and still practiced group incest in cave. I mean, how dare they fuck asses and not their daughters!?! A big book and Alabama can't be wrong!!

Samination responds:

A lot of Bible Scholars (those two words together look funny) believe the story of 'Sodom and Gammorah' was not about homosexuality, but about hospitality. The people of the towns had become mean and hostile, especially toward strangers. Where as, Lot had let them stay at his house, that's why he got to live - even though he offered up his "virgin" daughters to the angry mob right in front of the angels. Go figure. Anyway, what I find funny, is that God seemed to have absolutely no problem with the daughters drugging and raping their father repeatedly. Isn't that sex out of wedlock? However, Lot's Wife just happen to glance back at the burning city and she becomes a pillar of salt. Right.

10 for incest

'nuff said.


works for me!! ha ha classic bro

This is actually true!!

I heard about it being in the jewish bible but i never thought that christians would include it into their bible, i mean if you compare the two bibles you'll see so many differences and things the christians left out. But to include this?? WTF!?

Great video to.

and so...

the sisters birthed two children with three heads