Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 7"

It was Magic!!!

The last scene was talking about Jesus story right? ;)
Make the virgin Mary story next time lol

Samination responds:

That's a loooong way off seeing how I'm still working my way through Genesis.

Very Good

Because I generally love making fun of religion, I'm a big fan of this series.
But the best thing here is the porn groove #2 thats halfway in here. Me and my friends are a big fan of that tune.
Keep it up!


wonder what the retard kids would be like


Although, Lot's voice sounds an awful lot like George Bush from a different cartoon,its driving me crazy. Also, this was kind of short.

About the guy below me trying to say how it wasnt a biological risk because we werent quite as "diluted", take a fucking biology class would you?!

Freaky but funny

I liked it but to be fair blood was less dilluted back then incest wasn't much a fuss back in the day