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Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 7"


Still watching that? Pervert.
You're really messed up, you know that?
HEY, I'm not the one watching a father get it on with his daughter.
LMFAO HI-larious man

Funny and very close

Awesome, After I read that part in the bible I thought pretty much the same thing ...wtf.... You would think after the town was destroyed for that same thing the angles would have done the same to his daughters.. but The sons did live on to be great leaders so maybe it was for the best.

Loved the animation, and the voice acting lol, I thought it was great that Lot sounded like G.Bush, I think it added to the comedy greatly. Keep these coming they are awesome

"Oh God... Oh wait, I hate that guy. Let´s Party!"

Absolutely hilarious XD
Good job, again.
Hope to see the next one soon.

ive found a little plot hole

Its awsome i like it very mutch but,
one of the daughters say: I haven't had sex for two weeks
but in the scene where Lots talking to his sisters, he says theyr virgins?
doseant add up...?

Samination responds:

He thought they were virgins. It is repeated at the end of this ep.

It was Magic!!!

The last scene was talking about Jesus story right? ;)
Make the virgin Mary story next time lol

Samination responds:

That's a loooong way off seeing how I'm still working my way through Genesis.