Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 7"

funny shit haha

oh god! oh wait i hate that guy haha funny line


Well and trully messed up but funny all the same

and lets face it, the bible is extremely messed up anyway.

'Thats wholesome family values right there!'

LOL golden!

Preatty funny at some points...

For those of you that say this is inaccurate, you are partially right... The parts where they talk and have subtitles are the direct quotes from the bible, and everything else is obviously BS that the creator just thought would be funny for that hole situation and such.. HOWEVER, the creators view on the situation in the funny antics are misleading you from the point of the story and just uses some of the bible verses to coherent with what he was trying to make funny... But I'm pretty sure, (if not mistaking...) that God told either lot or his daughters to do this.. and it was gods will so they did, and it was for a good reason.. and I'm sure God had a plan for it and its not all that wrong for there circumstances especially back then, it was different rules for them.. and only reason why its not really right to do this now a days, is because we have billions of people to mate with , and mating with your close blood is wrong cause your probably doing it just to get some pussy, lol... and there's no excuse for this..

Samination responds:

Dude. go read the story. God had nothing to do with it. It was the daughters idea to rape their dad.

Excellent! I literally LOL'd

How irreverant! It's great and absolutely hilarious! Great job, great accents and great scott - God seems like a pretty funny bloke - I especially liked the bit where he's like: "Still watching that, pervert?!"

Keep up the swell work, Sam.

For the goy (ie those of you who are half-educated sheepies in the big world): This is actually accurate. The Bible does record such things. And yes, it is found in the Torah - one of the Jewish holy books, consisting of the Genesis to Deuteronomy - although this story took place before Jews were invented (Judah, after whom the Jews were named was not yet born.)

For those goy among you who are like "Zomg! How filthy and fucked up!" get over it. People do weird stuff, especially when they're primitive, and Lot's daughters HAD just been kicked out of Sodom - sex central, from which we get the word "sodomy" - so they weren't THAT corrupt, just a bit of incest here and there.


i love how they made god into a retard
ps. sorry god D=