Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 7"

That's just too bad

"not funny" by: soldierofchrist4ever

Apparently Jesus' followers have no sense of humor. What a useless review.

Great flash. You do a fantastic job of bringing to light some of the oddities of the bible, in a comical, and probably accurate way.


i want to get my freak on fuck the farther and rape his ass


Oh gee. I reviewed part 6 before I watched part 7 and said that you missed this part. :P

Well, other than that everything else still goes for this series. I love bible mocking and you're doing it really good!

I have no choice but to give this a 10 out of 10! (And I reserve anything above 8 only for the absolutely fantastic entries.)

Man, about time!

Been awile since you submitted anything, good for you^^ Great though, good thing you showed that you nearly don't have to parodies this part of the bible. Really it's freaky.

Hope to see more of your series.

Personal note: I did not like the fact, that stopped making Life in the portal flashes. But hey, what you gonna do.


YES! You actually followed up the idea I commented on the last vid!
How about skipping forward to Isaac being seduced by the queen or Jona getting eaten by the giant fish.
Stuff like:
"Jona, you have to by my new prophet now. It's sorta your new job now."
"...Heeeell no!"
"Awww! Come oooon! It's not like your current occupation is that thrilling..."