Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 7"


"Your still wacthing that?" ....pervert! Hahaha

wow .... wow..... wow

nice video messed up a lil but w/e lmao i laugh at when he said
-so your both virgin and are pregnant hows that possible?
-umm.umm,umm,umm........ magic:)
-... works for me

Works for me!

I'm a Chirstian but I have to admit, that was funny as hell! Well, I didn't get that part either. Lots of empty infos. =D (wait, Whut?)

Wow, well at least im learning about my bible...

Although i wonder why anyone in their right mind would put that in the bible. Its not really surprising though ; there's quite a few stories of sex and scandal in the Bible.

Anyways, here is my 10. Made me laugh and go eww at the same time.

as always..

that was fucking hilarious