Reviews for "Messed-Up Bible Stories 7"

Its beter than the last episodes

good job dude


this is messed up

great stuff

i love it.. funny controversial and most importantly... every body wins.. well kind of..


That's wholesome family values right there.

HA, funny

''so, your both pregnant and still virgins.... how's that possible?''
HAHA, thats one heck of a funny story you've made. Im also a christian, although i have a little believe of my own, i think this is funny, it's yust my personality that likes when people make jokes out of serious things, i grew up with that XD. although the movement raphic is a bit.... well, no comments, the series always makes me laugh, no matter when i see it or where i am, i can't stop laughing. ha, god as some dude who yust doesn't cares about anything now'adays, looks pretty much like how things are today, y know, all those criminals and so, did you know that earth is called hell by some people?, i kinda think they are right XD. keep up the cool and hilarious work