Reviews for "Cat Face ep.19"

Very Epic!

That's really a day brightener. Thanks!!! ^_^


10,000,000/10 Cat face is by far my favorite flash series on NG, I only realised it was even on here recently. Every episode is really funny and then the ending is always the best bit.

I like his accent

Cat Face's accent is simply epic. He is the underground-ish version of a kid's TV cartoon and should be more known, seriously.

Gotta love it.

Its His Voice!!!

What is it!!! i love it for no reason!!! thats so freaking cool!!!!

A Review On The Series

Alright before I start, I just want to point out that. I've recently started watching Cat Face. I've watched every episode so far, and since I don't really feel like reviewing one individually. I thought I might as well review the series.

Animation: I really enjoy your animation. Your mouth moves right on time, and your transitions are very well done. It also has very smooth animation, with a hint of God's greatness. (9/10)

Actors: The actors are pretty damn good; even though Cat Face is usually the only one that talks. I believe his accent adds to his greatness, and gives him one of those characters that you just gotta love. Also, congrats to the secondary characters, such as the clerk in this episode. (9/10)

Genre: This video's genre is comedy, and what great comedy it is. I find this series really funny, but I think you need a certain taste, because some of my friends think its hilarious and others despised it. Excluding the certain taste, it was funny. (9/10)

Dialogue: Well, there's not much dialogue between characters, but I really love listening to the stuff Cat Face as to say. (8.5/10)

Graphics: You have a very interesting sense of graphics. Putting digital drawings with crayon drawings, now that's original! (10/10)

Theme Song: This song is one of those songs, that will get stuck in your head, and never come out. Its short, but extremely catchy. (9.5/10)

Backgrounds: As I already said in the "Graphics Topic" above. It was a very interesting idea to make the backgrounds made out of crayon. Ingenious! (9.5/10)

Personal Thoughts: I think this series is funny, but you'll need the certain taste. It also contains amazing animation, and amazing graphics. The actors were really good, and I like it!

Overall Score: 9.2/10