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Reviews for "Worm Land"


wow nice game. good balance, manie enemies, manie buildings with different health. bosses, good game play, nice usefull powerups, nice upgrade's .. has it all!

I had to figure out the final boss though I was a bit oblivious to its rear end, I though I had to get him through the center. when I figured it out it was doable.

I dont understand the haters. so what that its based on an existing game, really there are hunders of flash games based on another game who cares about that seriously.

very nice game, maybe a tad to easy, but that is actually also nice, so next time you could implement level modes.. easy normal hard

no comments on the rest 9/10 5/5

A Good Game

A Nice Game And Has Lots Of Enemies And Upgrades But...... The Worm Can't Dig Elliptically !

very fun

just thought i'd give you the kind of positive review you deserve, to help balance out those who give it a low rating because they're bad at it. as it's already been pointed out in the comments, it makes the game a lot easier if you come out of the ground at a low angle to reduce air time and vulnerability. the gameplay is innovative as far as i can tell (haven't seen a game like it before), controls are smooth (having a minimum turning circle is necessary to stop the game being too easy, though some seem to think that this constitutes 'bad controls'), graphics are engaging, level progression is good, gameplay is simple enough to get into quickly, yet varied enough to allay boredom. only constructive criticism i have would be to reconsider the system for regaining health - as it's already been pointed out, it's not fun winding around the inside of the planet trying to avoid worms when you're on full health.

overall, a very fun game which lets me pretend i'm the giant worm thing in dune.

Original gameplay, difficult and very good

My main complaint is that the little worms, which can be used for healing, abound at the beginning of the level (when you don't need them) and later pretty much disappear. It would be nice if either they kept appearing occasionally (although there are other health bonuses later on) or the worm wouldn't eat them when it's at full health.
Another suggestion, can the mouse icon be enlarged? I often lost track of it and even went out of the game screen, which made me lose control.
Except for these issues, gameplay is original and good, there is enough variety of enemies to make it interesting and bonuses to enjoy. A really good game!


Brilliant game, it's a shame some people couldn't figure out how to get the robo-worms to die without going through the core itself, but it's a great game =)