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Reviews for "Worm Land"


This Is A Awesome Game. I love It.

sweet game

Just been playing this for about n hour n i have a short attention span. well done. Lots of enemy types, could of possibly benefitted from a few more upgrades but all in all pretty sweet!


People seem like they are getting frustrated and giving up, but its a great game, and for those who asked you kill the boss by hitting him in his red glowing weak point on his ass, and then when he has no more red asses, make him jump out of the planet then his back opens up and his final weak point shows


Very good game!!!

Good stuff

I Genuinly think just thinking up the idea of this game would get 10 stars now actualy going through with it would get you far more however im only aloud to give you 10 so sorry :(

However awsome game, very different. good work