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Reviews for "Worm Land"


Nice art and funny good gameplay... I like it!

Great game! Addictive as hell!

No you stupid worm! Grab the damn apple! Sorry... Just some nostalgia there, I
love this game! The combination of timing, physics, and tactical advance is great!

Funny till thee end

played it till the end but there was a bug in lvl 20.
the game got very laggy and i frozze a guy in the air so that i couldn't reach him even with extra speed.


I hate this game so much. Because its that good. God spent way too much time on the last level. I'd suggest lowering the damage the last boss does, its almost ridiculous at times

Keep up the good work though

Very good concept

You should increase the diameter of the hot core with the depletion of mineral!
Thumbs up!