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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Better Than a 1 Rating

Don't buy into Ferrum-Ignotus trash talk- this game is far better than a 1 rating ( I hope my 10 helps offset). Is it the best, most original game ever? No. But this is a solid and enjoyable Flash game, certainly above the quality of most others and deserves a better rating than it's received thus far. It's a fun game and feels fluid. I think you can be proud here.

Great game! Addictive as hell!

No you stupid worm! Grab the damn apple! Sorry... Just some nostalgia there, I
love this game! The combination of timing, physics, and tactical advance is great!

Lol what people are saying!

This is pure awesome! people get a real mouse to your laptop and it will be fine. It isint his/hers fault that you guys lack it! The boss worm is kinda hard but you have to jump out of planet and it will follow. Then you just get otherside of the middle of planet and it will burn itself :) ... good game, I want this to my cell phone :)




i have not played yet but it still looks and ik will be right