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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Fun as, but hard

Its so Awswome but i rated 9 because its to hard but however made this is a FLASH PRO im not kidding how did you make that many lvls with awswome grathics?


but a little hard =O

One obvious flaw

You shouldn't be able to eat the worms when your health is full. Either that or the worms should pop up over the time course of the level (you can still limit the amount so people don't wait for a worm). Otherwise, it is annoying and unnecessarily complicating and frustrating to use up all the worms in the beginning as you try to kill the first enemies. Overall, it was fun and I will be back to get better.


It is good but as soon as you reach level 4 it is freaking impossible. The controls take a while to get used to but they are okay. From an artists' stand point it is very nice and the attention to detail is great. So 10 for the art, 9 for the controls, 5 for difficulty.

Cool game