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Reviews for "Worm Land"

not bad

this ganme was nice.must do first is always damage upgrade to max and then thehealth upgrade.Speed was not an issue because there was always a speed powerup at hand. what was hard for me and I still couldn't pass was the last boss in level 21. I hit the tail, a mine came off, blow up .,.I lost health for being near but robo didn't.Now after about 15 mins. in to this fight(and i had full life and there was plenty of worms and one health powerup and no more enemies) I still could not kill him. I hit his tail for 8 times and he did not get shorter? A glitch maybe..who know. Also never save your points to levl you power later. you use once and you lose all your points. Over all..very fun to play. A little tip, skimming the ground is the best way to win without losing health points. Happy hunting!

Deathworm killed it

This would be very very fun if I hadn't played Deathworm first, but Worm Land just doesn't match up. The graphics and power ups are nice, but the ground is so small and the worm is so hard to steer. It's like I'm having more of a fight with the worm than with the Empire.

Awesome game

I liked it better when it was on the Gamemaker website, and it was called Death worm.

Not bad

Not a bad game. The main problems are:

(1) the difficulty curve is way too steep at first (esp. the armored soldiers) - afterwards though, it becomes pretty easy.
(2) eating the small worms is annoying. Later on, it it's less of a problem because the planet becomes bigger and if you've bought the health bonus, those things can spawn to heal you.

And lastly, the ending sucks.

It's a Good Try

It was a good attempt at a game, but the execution was terrible. I liked the concept a lot, the graphics were good, and the gameplay was all right for a while, but that doesn't make up for the game's shortcomings. First, you get hurt WAY too easily. When you're above the surface you have literally no defense against getting shot 20 times before you get back into the planet. Second, even if you line up the mouth exactly to a soldier, most of the time you won't eat him, you'll just hit him. That means he'll land on the surface and start shooting you before you get back in. And to add on that, even if you DO manage to eat a soldier, the health you regain is HARDLY worth all the trouble. Third, once you get to Day 3, there are too many enemies to handle, resulting in a quick and frustrating death almost every time. Finally, what is up with the upgrade system? I had over 1,000 Star Point things saved up and then when I spent only EIGHT of them on an upgrade, ALL of them went away.