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Reviews for "Worm Land"


But i hate this game alot. You need to improve alot of things. For 1. is the core in the middle of the planet just there to piss people off? and the only way you kill robots is by being on fire. and if there isn't any of those weird fire circles left you need to go through the core. and going through the core kills you most of the time. and the planet is a bit small. atleast make the planet a little bit bigger in futre projects related to this.
atleast you got decent graphics. so ill give you a 1. for the art work. but rest is a piece of crap. AI, enemys, air time when you get out of the planet, controls, repetative levels, if you fix these things, ill give a better score next time.


Numerous times had to restart because nobody was left but the kill counter said enemies still remained. Needs a new game options as well. Good game concept just poor features

blah blah blah

good but way too short. needs more planets and moar guns

flipping awesome

freaking awesome BUT HARDD...but its a kool game once ur use to it


man this game is cool and stuff, but why do you have to put that FREAKIN CORE in the middle of the planet?!?! i'm just dying beacause of this FREAKIN CORE!!!