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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Guys Guys

Lets all calm down...To kill the Robo's you stay on the outer perimeter and do diagonal attacks....Trick is to reveal as little as possible while attacking...all in all fun game

Great fun.

I enjoy your artwork. I like the concept. It feels like a movie/cinematic every once in a while when the worm makes a beautiful run. The gameplay is fun, engaging, though I feel that most of the time it is hit or miss; not much need for planning ahead. I appreciate the b/t level upgrades, although after the three on the left are finished, i feel that there is not much use for the others. The in game upgrades are nice but I would like it more if they lasted a little longer than after the first jump. Also I think that the little food worms, should gradually appear throughout the day, because I feel like I waste too many early on in the day. If you meant for that, however, and intended the player to skillfully conserve them, then by all means, keep it as is. Otherwise, maybe in a similar future game: bigger/different planets/terrain? specific goals? storyline?


Brilliant game, it's a shame some people couldn't figure out how to get the robo-worms to die without going through the core itself, but it's a great game =)

Have to agree with Ducka's review

Game was alright until we had to deal with the core, and it did way too much damage.

very nice consept

i like the game the only thing i found very hard was the controls but i like it i would like to see more games like this