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Reviews for "Worm Land"


Well, nice graphics...

Too hard

The final boss has just driven me insane. Learn how to make a proper difficulty curve. Levels 1 to 20 are easy. 21 is impossible.


Just dont play this, its nearly impossible altough i give it 4 stars for concept

games good

not bad really.. frustrating IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING.. ONLY IF..

upgrades are fine, not that much but it does helps.. prefer upgrading the passive rather than the flame lightning and +help bonus ups..

agree with clean ---> "to reveal as little as possible while attacking" the burning hurting circle at the middle of your planet? not a problem.. it did hurt, A LOT , i thought it was a really great powerup....

games kinda redundant at some point.. just kill FIRST the planet hurters.. you can deal with the footmen anytime.. circling around, collecting powerups.. around and around evading death and doing some killing SLOWLYYYYY......

patience is needed in the game.. if your freaking itchy to kill fast, just be careful.. 1 wrong, well, some wrong attacks means death..

i do wish i can be a marine? or a base that spawns infantry to defend or kill attack worms something.. other way around..

Excellent game

A tad difficult on the 21st day, but that's good! I mean, I've been playing for over and hour now! xD It is great, hope to see a better and bigger second part soon!