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Reviews for "Worm Land"

Alot like another game I played

If you guys like this game look up the game "Death Worm". It's pretty cool, keep up the good work!

Fantastic Game!

This Game is one of those, easy to learn hard to master, games.
I loved it, i loved every enemy which had his special use and abiity i loved how it gradually got harder. loved the really hard to beat endboss level.
loved how to play tactical in the end levels. Loved how to careful plan your "Wormdevelopment". It ahd everything a good game needs to have.
Thx for 4 hours full of fun!


It wasent fun, the english in the cutscenes didnt even make sense. ande it was just boring

A little clumsy

I think this game could've been a lot better, the planet is way to small to properly utilize the worms crawling through the planet to get health when you actually need it. Also, the difficulty curve was extremely sharp, it quickly went from kind of fun to very tedious.

its , w.e

was alright not to bad wasent amazing