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Reviews for "Worm Land"


I swear the plot of this is like dune.

day 21 is crazy

yeah that final day is hard as hell, beat it but it took me a few tries before i knew what to do. i also found that the defending aspect to it gave it more of a challenge rather than just mindlessly eating everything in sight. my major complaint was the lack of upgrades, you max out your worm by day 15 or so and you can't upgrade the rest becaues it stops letting you up things. on another side note, i wish there was other songs, mainly for the boss fights.

but yeah the boss fights was cool and the game overall wasn't bad


its good enough, though i would have like more variety in upgrades, and for some reason the worm made me think you ripped it off of darksiders, but it looks different...

Needs more planning

The idea is good, and the graphics are well-made, but the english in the cutscene and even during the game needs correction. But, above all, the game gets too hard too quickly, and the progression of the worm doesn't go in the same proportion, just as totoro148 said. The game gets nighly impossible.

needs work

gets hard much too quickly given stat progression
controls inconsistent