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Reviews for "Worm Land"


I hate this game so much. Because its that good. God spent way too much time on the last level. I'd suggest lowering the damage the last boss does, its almost ridiculous at times

Keep up the good work though


you should have a reset setting for stats, great game


ok.... handling was an issue with the mouse. and the locked in upgrades suck ass. but other than that it was a good game.... but wtf man! all that work and you give a shitty congrats screen at the end? where did your story line go????????

what ever happened to naratives in games?

so to recap:
work on the power ups
work on the mouse controls
and dammit.. make the ending better!

Needlessly hard.

The armored soldiers are way too hard. The difficulty curve is steep as shit.
There should really be a way to exchange upgrades, or even start over.

All that aside, this was a really fun game.


Spelling mistakes were embarrassing. Constantly being shot is annoying. Using up health when I was fully healed was annoying. Nothing in the game tries to make any sense. You get burnt by the core when you're 10-20 pixels away from it. I quit when robo worm was touching the core and not burning, and I was not touching the core and burning.

Kinda good mechanics.