Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"

This is

One of the best Mario vs sonic movies i've ever seen, that was a pretty awesome fight but the end wasn't soooo good, u could have some 1 of them win or a better way for a draw. anyways it still gets 10/10 5/5 for the awesome fight.


this was a very impressive animation
I really enjoyed watching this creation :D

good fight

that was very well done! the ending was cool too, and classic mario music for the credits was awesome :D


Nintendo's finest going at it, i love it. I also liked that is was a stalemate, because while i was watching i was like, "OH crap, i dont want either to lose." but they both lost. which was pretty cool. Keep up the AWESOME work!

Good Fight

It was good enough to watch twice in a row. If you are just starting to make sprite fights, I'd say its a pretty damn good start! From what I saw, I think you could have the potential to get really good at this to be ranked up there with some of the other people who also do sprite fight such as Alvin-Earthworm for example.(First name that came to mind. I really liked his SMBZ series.) So anyway. If you choose to continue doing more sprite fights, I'll look forward to seeing more of your work!