Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"

:O Epic much?

Dude, that was seriously epic. It really is unlike Alvin-Earthworm's work, and wasn't just complete super fast fighting. You actually added some structure to this, and it wasn't random fighting. D:

Also, I am very surprised at how you avoided using DBZ Sounds! Also, great techniques. :D

That was absolutely

SUPERB! The movies effects and sounds matched that of Super Mario Bros Z. I will be seeing you on the top 50 very soon.

wow. awesome

short, but pretty awesome. looks like something Alvin Earthworm would do. A classic fight between Nintendo and Sega. Maybe you could do something like, I don't know, a short between Marvel and Capcom, like the kick ass game, or a short about Namco and Capcom, even though that game never hit America, which I'm sure it should. Anyway, I'll stop rambling, but yeah, those are just some ideas to consider, so...................................
............. see ya.


im impressed not to many people use ice mario in their flashes. keep up the great work. XD

I know it was a tie but come on do you reall think that fat Italian plumber can win not a chance