Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"

hehe nice

very cool. you did the animation between movements very well. its not like any of these other shitty joke submissions :) good job.

ok wow

this was the best thing ive ever seen! i was really surprised when he got an ice flower, which only exist in new super mario bros wii. but this is epic and i love it. the only thing you need is why they are fighting

DarkZeroProductionZ responds:

Yup. And, he was also in Super Mario Galaxy. lol, and well... It was for a Contest, I didn't really feel like adding a plot.

Woohoo... Another Mario Vs. Sonic...

But this one was good. I'm a sucker for fast paced well animated sprite battles with changing scenery. I'm honored to have been a beta-tester for this, even if I wasn't listed. I loved the use of master hand sprites for Sonic's hands. Ice Mario was also very epic. Anyways, good job. 5/5 10/10

nice video

lol at the rocky-style freezeframe ending

it was awsome

10/10 5/5