Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"


These animations are really starting to inspire me! I'm looking forward to your animations, so keep up the good job!

I wonder if someday, I'll find a way to do such amazing effects.. very nice!

DarkZeroProductionZ responds:

Well, thank you. I don't really post much animations in Newgrounds except for my finished ones. But, I post many stupid random animations and previews in my Youtube Page. So, if you want to see them go ahead :D. It's the same Username as here.


Epic! I wish it were longer though :\
I would watch the rest of that for sure, sonic needs some loving though with the power-ups though, haha. Good job definitely, if you made a series, i would watch it (:

i like.

its got it all, except maybe a story line. but hey, u werent going for that so its still cool. 5/5

Excellent just outstanding

Well I'm a very good animator myself, and I know when I see talent from an animator. There should be more animators like yourself, for intance ifureadthisdie is very excellent and a good friend of mine. You make fights realistic and not crappy as the most recent animations I've seen on youtube. Hey good luck and I'll talk to you in the future.

Hey guys

It doesn't matter who wins! As long it's entertaining and very good, the animation matters too. It's awesome man! Awesome pure awesome!