Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"


hey its cool ,you are good at DBZ style of fighting,better than alot others on newgrounds(like me T.T)
but when you gonna do something else? because you are good and i think uou shoud make more.

And does anyone notice Luffy fighting at the background? XD


sonicfactor here

Epic like i said when i beta test it, why arent i in the beta tester list D:


What?....It was a tie?Im confused X3

DarkZeroProductionZ responds:

Yes it was, it was a Cross Punch in the face ;)

Pretty damn cool.

First off, congrats on your win in the contest. This animation was pretty cool. I really liked the inclusion of Mario's ice powers. Completely unexpected. It needs to be used more in other sprite animations.

The only thing that I have to complain about is the lag at the beginning (or maybe that's just my computer). It seems a little slow to start.

DarkZeroProductionZ responds:

Thanks ^^
And, It might be... I have no lag in my computer.


This was honestly... awesome! I watched it twice in a row.