Reviews for "Mario Vs Sonic Entry"

Huge improvement from Mario vs Bowser.

Great pacing, nice effects, solid animation with a few custom edited sprites and little touches that usually go unnoticed (eye movement being one of them), fantastic use of backgrounds, and good use of powerups... There's really nothing I don't like about this one, great job. (Well, 9 because it's Mario vs Sonic with no evident plot, but hey, 9 is nothing to scoff at.)

gd work

you could defiantly add onto the current movie in your own time, as a suggestion
anyway keep up the gd work

great stuff

Definitely want to see another one. Maybe you could even throw in Tails and Luigi for kicks. I would like to see some more of Sonic's power ups or moves though. Definite need a Super Sonic in the mix.


Nicely made. You get extra points if you know where the title of this comment came from :D.

The ending was superb, representing the infinite battle between 2 video game character giants. Honestly though I kept thinking of SMBZ mainly because it is the most established sprite battling animations out there :(, but it was very well animated and did not look choppy in the least. I liked the water a lot actually throughout the entire animation.

Good luck in your future Endeavors,


This was awesome the best animation i have seen