Reviews for "Dirty Bastard £Mil. Quiz"


Was one of the most distubing games iv ever played

53xy83457 responds:

You love it.


i liked how u did "who wants to be a millionaire" theme, i lol in the beginning of the game the (1st question),this is what u would probably c on southpark, but 1 suggestion some questions was just way 2 dirty, i gave extra points because u brought dirty 2 a flash game

You Make Many Games?

Good, too many typos

I noticed a lot of typos in the first part of the game, but overall well done.

53xy83457 responds:

There sure were, thanks for pointing that out. They should HOPEFULLY all be fixed now.


Pretty nasty, but it was good. I learned the donkey punch from Retarded Animal Babies :P

Only gave it a 7 because there was no animation to it at all...