Reviews for "Dirty Bastard £Mil. Quiz"

About the reviews....

Just for sticking up for yourself and telling the truth to those"condescending cunts with delusions of intelligence"(lol nice one) If I could I would give you 11 stars and a rating of 6. Anyway I loved the flash game. :D


fucking awesome dude i love all ur games

oww man

i would give ya a 11 but it doesn't exist

Those are disturbing!

This was not one of the best, but it pretty much did have everything you could want in a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"? style game. I thought I knew more about sex but I got nearly everything wrong except for the "Cleveland Steamer". I guess it works better if there are a wider variety of questions. I should of course remember that this is the Internet, where we are simply disgusting. I have little desire to learn more about these topics. I can at least say you definitley made something unique.

53xy83457 responds:

You love it.

It was a delight

I loved it, just wish there were more questions and a bit better quality overall.