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Reviews for "Kevin's Seventh October"

A great series.

Kevin is a purely innocent icon. I'm not sure of the entirety of what he represents, but I know he brings happiness into the hearts of those who've watched his journey from ending to beginning. I hope he's made a bit of an impact on everyone's lives, make them more innocent, more..full. Kevin is so blissfully young, it makes me smile.

As for the technical stuff, animation: top notch. I love the roughness of it. Story: per usual, strikingly different than the rest of Newgrounds. The story of this one I think should strike home a little more with people who may be able to relate to this type of struggle. I myself am so far blessed to not have gone through the death of a grandparent, but I feel for those who have now more than before watching this. Heck, I even feel terrible for Kevin, and he's not real!

Anyway, a great little animation. I wait eagerly for the next installment.

karthon responds:

why do you sure that he's not real?

thanks for review

Beautiful ;_;

I cried, I really, really cried. Animations like these deserve more than daily 5th.

karthon responds:

thank you, It means a lot for me.

This was good.

This made me cry at the end... I had a deep relationship with my own grandpa that was torn apart by my own family.

I sure do not know how Kevin feels, as I have never been in that exact situation, but I sympathize with him. That was really something. This deserves better than Daily 5th, for sure.

kinda sad

nice one

this one is great!

another one of those flashes where you get this warm, fuzzy feeling.

also it's very sad to lose a loved one, as long as you think of them from time to time, their not really dead. they just live on within our heart.

i know it's cheesy, but it's one of those things people forget about much to often.
instead of sulking in depression, you should remember all the happy times you spent together. and don't think no one is able to understand you, because everyone has made the experience.

may it be family, friends or pets: spend as much time as you can with your loved ones, for never know when this shared time together might end.

don't dwell to much on the bad things in life, it only stops you from continuing your life. leaving you unapproachable for good things to come.

talking about good things: i hope this series will go on for quite some time. ^

karthon responds:

thanks for kind words, I'll do my best