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Reviews for "Kevin's Seventh October"

Beautiful ;_;

I cried, I really, really cried. Animations like these deserve more than daily 5th.

karthon responds:

thank you, It means a lot for me.

"This brought tears..."

I can feel how much attached you were to your Grandpa, this animation says it all.
My Grandpa left us 2 years ago in situation like the same.
Your thoughts and feeling were expressed nicely and due to it only I had mist in my eyes at the end of the Movie.

Good luck with life!

karthon responds:

I wish the luck will be with everyone.

Very well done.

As a whole the story and animation were great, it was meaningful and like Jargon5 said might strike home a little with some people. Fantastic job.

this was very sweet

i love the story and your technique.
the idea to use speak bubbles was also very well executed.
I looooooooved it !!!!
great work.

A great series.

Kevin is a purely innocent icon. I'm not sure of the entirety of what he represents, but I know he brings happiness into the hearts of those who've watched his journey from ending to beginning. I hope he's made a bit of an impact on everyone's lives, make them more innocent, more..full. Kevin is so blissfully young, it makes me smile.

As for the technical stuff, animation: top notch. I love the roughness of it. Story: per usual, strikingly different than the rest of Newgrounds. The story of this one I think should strike home a little more with people who may be able to relate to this type of struggle. I myself am so far blessed to not have gone through the death of a grandparent, but I feel for those who have now more than before watching this. Heck, I even feel terrible for Kevin, and he's not real!

Anyway, a great little animation. I wait eagerly for the next installment.

karthon responds:

why do you sure that he's not real?

thanks for review