Reviews for "Severe - Beating"

not only was that badly done that was offensive

i liked my spanish teacher (i slept with my spanish teacher) and aside from all that teachers are under appreciated they deal with violent criminals and the occasional nut case(wich the maker of this must be) there payed crap and cant do anything to protect themselfs(no weapons no kevlar) from the students who decide itll be fun to shoot up a school or start a gang fight we all had teachers we hated but there the ones who got us to actually start being creative and they forged our minds when we were lil kids frankly i found that movie sadistic(not the funny kind where you chainsaw a telletubby,the kind where you need to be locked up) this guy needs to be banned from this place that movie was just way outta line(and thats saying alot considering my sense of humor)

What a waste of my precious time

ummm dude... you cant draw
and urmmm... you not funny
and errrr... you gay


"all spanish teachers should DiE" You need help if you truly feel that way. I assume you are in High School, so please see the schools' guidance counselor or social worker.

The movie was also pretty poor.

U R 1 Sik Fuk

suck my balls

I smell a Colombine hehehehe

Hahahaha it was kewl, the graphics weren't that great and it wasn't something new for me....
Just as long as you don't go off and start beating up your spanish teacher :).
Tu no entiendes el clase. F- :P