Reviews for "Severe - Beating"

Seen it all before

I've seen it all before. It might've been a tiny bit funny only because it was so stupid and terrible made. Your sound was terrible. The volume of the introduction dialog was loud, the spanish teacher's speech was so soft you had to turn your speakers up to hear it, and then the sound of the beating would suddenly come blaring out of the speakers. It was impossible to listen to the speech and beating sound effects simultaneously, not to mention the fact that the sound of the teachers head smashing against the desk didn't match the animation. This entire movie reminds of something I saw on stickdeath.com once, actually it was essentially the same thing, except for the fact that you took the time to make animation a step up from stick people. I actually agree with the last person who reviewed your movie. "Don't submit anything again."

Avoid plagiarism like the plague...er, ya...

You didn't acknowledge that you used Audio from Adam Sandler's "They're All Gonna Laugh at You." That is a sin. The animation was terribly sketched and the whole thing was done wrong. The teacher was supposed to be a "feminine," male spanish teacher (that is why he says 'Juan es muy guapo,' meaning 'Juan is very handsome'). Don't submit anything again.

YoinK responds:

You shithead.. it would have been plagiarism if i didn't give adam sandler credit... but i did.. and you can go sit your ass down i bet you can't make anything near as good as this. i thought it was funny.. but i guess others didn't.

This Sucks!

This sucks! All you had to do was draw piss poor pictures and add Adam Sandler's own work!


It was disturbing on so many levels.


seen better