Reviews for "Severe - Beating"

I hope Sandler sues you..

This cartoon is so horrible. For you viewers out there I would recommend NEVER watching this cartoon for it is too stupid.


We've heard the Adam Sandler album and we KNOW that wasn't you. The animation wasn't that good either.

Thats 30 seconds of my life wasted!

I want those seconds back for making me watch that shit! I might JUST of let you get away with it but then you go and say perhaps the dumbest thing I've seen this month: "I thought i did a decent job on this movie". Well you might but no one else does judging from all the reviews I've read. Oh yeah, one other thing: I suggest you learn English first before you move on to Spanish.

Got two words for ya, buddy: Merriam-Webster!

The animation was slipshod, the sound was horrible and it didn't match the graphics, and it was kinda stupid, just an excuse to use the Adam Sandler stand-up. One other thing: buy a dictionary. Don't give people an excuse to blam your work into the ground. Just my opinion.


How does this crap get the daily feature?
The goddamn title was even spelled wrong! SEVERED beating???....... YOU FUCKING GIMP!!!!