Reviews for "Severe - Beating"

An enjoyable watch.

It was a nice tribute.

The twisted reactions and the twisted ending did get a grin out of me (with a bit of a chuckle). The only problem was that in the lab, the prof. was slightly hard to understand at points.

Also, the build-up to the punch-line seemed a bit slow to me.

But it was amusing and I love Alan's trademark childish laughs.

Not great

Graphics could be a lot better and it was pretty short, beating also didnt look that good and when he was banging her head against the desk, the sound wasnt in time with the animations.

YoinK responds:

i really had a teacher like that before though... looked the same.. but yea.. it only took me a week to make this.

HA HA!!!!!!!!!

I love Adam Sandler!!!!!!!!!!!


point of this?

Erm no offence but I really did not see the point to this, and no, that isn't a good thing.
Graphics were ok but the beating up of the teacher was poor and the whole thing lacked detail and effort. The humour was bad and there really wasn't much point to this; it was all random and the sound was muffly like someone had mucked up the microphone you were talking into.
Sorry to say, but I really do feel plain and simple that this was nothing but a waste of my time.

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YoinK responds:

all zeros? :(


it did not realy have a point to it oh and where does this mesh with slipknot???????